CLARKS GOLD CPS250 for race bike, 6 euro for pair


6 euro for pair

Fibrax brake pads for steel rims, 2.50 euro each

Fibrax brake pads, for alloy rims, 2.50 euro each

Clarks CP100 brake pads for steel rims, 4 euro for pair

NEW brake pads for steel rims, 2euro each

Saccon Racing brake pads, 5euro for 2. For racing bikes, alloy rims

NEW Saccon racing brake pads for racing bikes, rubber pads can be removed and replaced. Left and right side brake pads. 7euro for pair. Suiable for racing bikes

Saccon brake pads for alloy rims, 2euro each. Suitable for MTB and Hybrid

brake pads, 2euro each

mountain bike brake pads, 2euro each