Front derailleur for road bike

down pull

Shimano Sora

31.8-34.9 mm

2x 9 speed

28 euro




SHIMANO "Tourney TZ510" - for 28.6 or 31.8 mm diameter tubing, both Top Pull and down pull versions available

3 x 6/7-fach
48 Zähne

10 euro

Shimano Tiagra/Sora adaptors and runner. 12 euro

Gear shifter adaptors for frame 8euro

Shimano RX100 front derailleur, 28.6mm, 20euro NEW

Front derailleur for mountain bikes, for double or triple chainrings, NEW, Shimano, 10euro

TACX derailleur wheels, 5 EURO

SACHS Huret front derailleur for racing bikes, for steel frame double chainring, 28.6mm, 15 EURO

Front derailleur adaptor, 10euro

Suntour, clamp on gear changer, for downtube, up to 5 speed, 15 EURO

chain tensioner for single speed, this screws  into the derailleur dropout and can replace a normal derailleur to make your bike a simple single speed, perfect for using with a mountain bike conversion,  12 EURO


rear derailleur, screw in type into the derailleur hanger, up to 7 speed 12 EURO

rear derailleur, up to 6 speed, 10 EURO

Rear derailleur, two types, 10euro

Ventura rear derailleur, NEW, 10euro

Falcon rear derailleur, can be used on 5/6/7 speed index or friction gears. NEW, 10euro

Derailleur hanger, 3euro

Shimano Tourney TZ 50 Rear derailleur compatible with all Shimano 6 & 7 Speed shifters. Advanced light action design. Bracket fit (under wheel nut). SIS Rear index shifting. Smartcage pulley plate. Max Sprocket 34T. Min Sprocket 11T. Weight:273 Grams. 20euro

Shimano Tourney SIS derailleur, suitable for touring racing and MTB up to 7 speeds. 15euro NEW

Shimano Megarange rear derailleur, 23euro

Falcon rear derailleur, NEW, for up to 7 speed friction or index, for derailleur hanger, 12euro