Dutch bicycles

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5ft 1" to 5ft 5" 155-165 cm 18"-20" 47-51cm
5ft 5" to 5ft 7" 165-170 cm 20"-21" 51-53 cm
5ft 7" to 5ft 9" 170-175 cm 21"-22" 53-55 cm
5ft 9" to 5ft 11" 175-180 cm 22"-22.5" 55-57 cm
5ft 11" to 6ft 1" 180-185 cm 22.5"-23.5" 57-60 cm
6ft 1" to 6ft 3" 185-190 cm 23.5"-24.5" 60-62 cm
6ft 3" to 6ft 5" 190-195 cm Click here for more sizing info 24.5"-25" 62-64 cm
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Gazelle Chamonix, 55-60cm, 8 speed Shimano Nexus, front suspension, spoke lock, kickstand, bell, front and rear dynamo lights, easily adjust stem to change riding position, 350euro

Trek Navigator L100, 55-60cm, 7 speed Shimano Nexus, front and rear dynamo lights, carrier chainguard, mudguards, AXA Defender spoke lock, bell, kickstand, 300euro


Batavus Jakima, 56-60cm, 21 speed, carrier, mudguards, dynamo lights, kickstand, adjustable stem, spoke lock, pump included attached to carrier, 350euro

Thompson Comfort, 55-59cm, 7 speed Shimano Nexus, carrier, kickstand, dynamo lights, spoke locks, chainguard, 300euro



Gazelle Bahia Track and Trail, 57-61cm, 21 speed, chainguard, battery lights, spoke lock, kickstand, mudguards, aluminium frame, adjustable stem, bell, Vuelta wheels, 350euro


Batavus Cambridge, 53cm, 3 speed, 5 speed, new saddle, chainguard., mudguards, carrier, dynamo lights,  270euro


Batavus Padova, 60cm, 3 speed, Dynamo lights, kickstand, chainguard, new saddle, 270euro

Batavus Torino, 56cm, 5 speed, new tyres, kickstand, dynamo lights, spoke lock, new saddle, pump, bell, new pedals, 270euro

Batavus Bato, 57cm, 3 speed, new tyres, chainguard, spoke lock, roller brakes, kickstand, 250euro

Gazelle Primeur Sprint, 58-60cm, 3 speed, dynamo lights, carrier mudguards, kickstand, spoke lock, 270euro

Gazelle, 58cm, 3 speed, dynamo lights, carrier, chainguard, mudguard flap, spring saddle, Weinmann brakes, 270euro

Gazelle Impala, 56-59cm, 4 speed, mudguards, carrier, kickstand, chainguard, dynamo lights, 270euro

Gazelle Primeur, 59-62cm, 3 speed, carrier mduguards, kickstand, dynamo lights, spoke lock, 270euro

Peugeot, 53cm, single speed, Dutch style back pedal rear brake, new saddle, new tyres and inner tubes, new pedals, new chain, carrier chainguard mudguards, dynamo lights, 250euro


Peugeot, made in France, 53cm - 56cm,  single speed Dutch style, new tyres and inner tubes, new brake pads, carrier, mudguards, basket, 220euro



Gazelle Locomotiv Fashion, 51-56cm, Shimano Nexus 4 speed, new tyres, chainguard, kickstand, carrier, dynamo lights, bell, 280euro


Oxford Wembley Dutch bike,perfect commuter bike  aluminium frame, 52-58cm, 7 speed, Shimano Acera groupset, large carrier, chainguard, dynamo lights, front suspension, spring saddle, spoke lock, mudguards, 270euro


Raleigh, made in England, 52-56cm, single speed, freewheel (not back pedal brake) , new tyres and inner tubes, new brake pads, carrier mudguards, dynamo lights, 260euro


Sparta Pickup, made in Netherlands, Dutch original, 53-56cm, 3 speed, Coaster rear brake, no front brake - this is a Dutch original like in the Netherlands, Schwalbe City Plus tyres, SR Drifter saddle, basket, rear light, carrier mudguards, chainguard, bell 300euro




Alpina Exclusiv, 55cm -58cm, 3 speed, Dutch style back pedal coaster brake, new tyres and inner tubes, new brake pads, new saddle, mudguards, carrier, 240euro

Gazelle Free, made in Holland, 57-60cm, Sturmey Archer 3 speed, drum brakes, pump included, dynamo lights, new tyres, spoke lock, chainguard, kickstand, bell, 280euro


Union Savoie, made in Netherlands, 61 - 64cm, 3 speed, roller brakes, Axa spoke lock, new tyres, battery lights, large carrier, chainguard, steel mudguards, 280euro



Gazelle Cheetah, 53-56cm, Made in Netherlands, 3 speed, new saddle, new pedals, carrier chainguard, mudguards, new tyres, 280euro