Sturmey Archer 3 speed shifter for SRAM, cable included

15 euro

Microshift 2x9 speed R9

90 euro

Microshift 2x8 speed

80 euro

Microshift 2x7 speed

70 euro

Shimano Claris ST-2300 2x8 speed

130 euro

Shimano Tourney A070 2x7 speed

120 euro

Shimano Claris ST 2400 2s left shifter double

60 euro

Shimano Claris ST 2403 3s left shifter Triple

50 euro

Sunrace STR 80

set of shifters

2 * 8 speed

cables included

130 euro

SHIMANO "TZ500" with cable 2050mm, right side, 6 euro

SHIMANO "TZ500" with cable 1800mm, left side, 6 euro

SHIMANO "Tourney RS45" right side, 7 or 8 speed with cable, 10 euro

SHIMANO "Tourney RS45" left side, with cable 9 euro

SHIMANO "Tourney RS36" 3 speed with 1800 mm cable , left side, 7.50 euro

SHIMANO "Tourney RS36" 6 speed or 7 speed with 2050 mm cable, right side 7.50 euro

Shimano 6 speed Tourney TX30. includes cable , 9 euro For mountain bike or hybrid

Shimano friction shifter with cable and housing,     NEW 12euro

Shimano 21 speed thumb shifters with cable, for straight handlebars  NEW, 25euro

Suntour Xpress power control shifters, 7 speed, NEW 16euro for pair. cables included

Shimano Light Action, 5 speed index shifters, for both front and back derailleurs, works up to 15 speed, cables included, NEW 14euro

Shimano Revoshift 7sp shifters with cables, for both front and rear derailleur, works up to 21 speed, NEW, 16euro

Downtube shifters, NEW, 10euro

Shimano Light Action shifter, NEW,  for friction shifting gears, 4 to 7 speed, available for front and rear derailleurs. Fits easily onto one inch handlebars or stem.  includes cable 8euro

Friction gear double gear changers, fits on down tube , with cables. NEW,10euro

Shimano Light Action index shifters, with cables. works up to 6 speed, NEW, 8euro


Single friction gear changer, fits to stem, works for up to 7 speed. attaches to old style stem. NEW, 6 EURO

Friction Gear shifters,, cables and housing included, for clamping onto downtube. 13EURO

Sunrace Left friction, Right 8 speed index , fits to steel frames braze on. Available in 7 speed, and 6 speed also. Shimano compatible, 15 EURO

Shimano SIS Index shifters, for braze on, 6 speed index, can be used for friction gears also 5/6 7 speed freewheel. 12 EURO

Clamp on gear changers, for down tube / frame, 5 or 6 speed freewheel compatible, cables included, 12 EURO