5 euro for pair

Brown ergonomic grips for straight bars, 10 EURO

White ergonoimic grips for straight bars, 10euro

brown grips, new Rubber, 8 euro

Ergonomic  bar grips for straight bars, available in brown/black or grey/black 10euro

Black and red grips, 6euro

various black handlebar grips, 4euro for pair


Brown grips, NEW, 9euro

Handlebar grips, fixed to handlebars by adjustments screw at end of the grips, end plugs included, 9euro

Handlebar grips in choice of colours, 7euro

Handlebar grips with raised endings, 7euro

Charge handlebar grips, longer than regular grips, red or orange, NEW, 9euro

foam handlebars for old style chrome racing bars, NEW 10euro

New black hard rubber grip for racing handlebars, 10eiuro

NEW white rubber grip for racing handlebars. 10euro