Frog style LED  lights, NEW  front and back, wraps easily around your front handlebars, and the rear around your seat post or other parts of the bike. 3 settings, full on light and 2 types of flashing. Batteries included and can be changed easily. I use these myself and find them great. Can be sold separately for 5euro each. 10euro for pair. Available in WHITE / RED/ PINK/ GREEN

WOWOW magnet lights

10 euro for pair

Smart Polaris light

3 white LEDs

battery operated

17 euro


Rubber frog style light for front handlebars,  wraps around , battery included, available in pink or white, 8euro

Rear Union light, LED, 10euro

Front and back lights with batteries included. can attach to bicycle. 14euro

Front handlebar light, NEW, 10euro

Bulbs for dynamo lights etc, 6 Volt / 0,6 Watt 1 euro each


front dynamo light halogen 10 euro

front dynamo light 5euro

rear  dynamo light 5euro

rear light 8 euro

battery operated

Dynamo, 7 euro

AXA 8201 dynamo, left or right avai;able

15 euro

AXA HR \Traction Power Control dynamo, left or right available

34 euro

Union dynamo light

UN 4250 Venti 20 Lux

for side running dynamo

16 euro