Mini U-lock 5, 5.4 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches, NEW, comes with 3 keys and a mounting bracket to attach to the bike frame, 55euro (personal note- I have had my Evolution mini for 6 years or so, it has never let me down. A bit of oil every now and then in the lock mechanism if it gets rained on a lot, but otherwise it's a wonderful lock and a great deterrent to thieves. It's small, and many people say that it's hard to lock it to many poles or stands in the city, but I've never had a problem to find a place to lock it within a few seconds walk. ) Product info here

55 euro

Trelock U4 mini

14mm thick shackle - Length: 152mm - Width: 83mm - Reversible key - Dust cap - Key service - Uni holder ZB401 - Trelock security level 4

40 euro

Kryptonite Evolution Mini Lite 6 product info here 55euro


Kryptonite Keeper 695 Fold , product info here. 50euro

Kryptonite Keeper 585 fold, product info here , 65 euro

Messenger mini , product info here 55euro

Messenger mini with U part for rear wheel, product info here 70euro

Messenger chain and padlock, product info here 70euro

Evolution Mini 7 with cable, product info here 60 EURO



Kryptonite Evolution Standard 4. product info here  60EURO

Kryptonite Evolution mini 9 , product info here 55euro

Kryptonite Evolution series 4 LS, product info here. 55euro

Kryptolock Series 2 Mini 7, product info here 45euro

Kryptonite Keeper 12 Mini 6, product info here , 35euro

Kryptonite Kryptolock with cable, product info here 55euro

Kryptonite Keeper chain, product info here 40euro

Kryptonite Series 2 Standard, product info here 40euro

Kryptonite Kryptolock series 2 LS product info here 50 EURO

Kryponite Keeper 12 Standard Ulock , 2 keys included . product info here 25euro

Kryptonite Keeper 12 standard with 4 foot cable, product info here 40euro

Kryptonite 710 Double loop cable, 220cm long, product info here, 20EURO

Kryptonite 410 Double loop cable, 120cm long, product info here , perfect for locking wheels with your Ulock, 13euro



Kryptonite New York Fahgeddaboutit Mini, product info here 100euro

Kryptonite New Yorker LS , product info HERE , 95euro


Lock holder by Kryptonite, for attaching your ULOCK to handlebars, works with any Kryptonite U Lock, product info here 12euro

Kryptonite 3010 double loop cable, perfect for locking more than 2 bikes/motorcycles/ scooters together. 9.3 METRES long , product info here 35EURO

extra lock holder for your bicycle frame for Kryptonite lock, 2 types available, the older Kryptonite type and the current type, 5euro each

Extra Kryponite keys: A good idea when you purchase a Kryptonite lock is to take note of the key number. I suggest you send an email to yourself with Kryponite in the subject line (this makes it easy to find later quickly when you have lost your last key) and the key number in the message body. Follow the link here, or below and Kryptonite will send you a key or keys.


AXA Absolute

90cm long with 2 keys

35 euro

AXA "800"

55 euro

AXA "800"

product info here

55 euro

ABUS "Bordo Lite 6055 Mini"

product info here

50 euro

Abus Mini 40

60 euro

ABUS "Facilo 32"

35 euro


ABUS "Granit 460" - 230 mm, ca. 1100 Gramm

2 keys

50 euro



Abus Steel O Chain Iven 8210, black, 85cm long, 1934 gram, Abus security level 10, product info HERE 65 euro

Abus Catena Shadow 685, 850gram, 75cm long, black pink or orange, product info HERE 30 euro

Abus Steel O Chain 880, product info HERE 45 euro


Abus 4804K black lock, 355 gram, product info HERE 22euro



.5mm thick shackle - Steel lock body - non-removable key - AXA security level 11 - Weight: approx. 680 grams

24 euro

Abus spoke lock, Pro Tectic 4960, product info HERE 30 euro


ABUS "Pro Tectic 4960" - 85 cm, goes with the spoke lock above 30 euro


TRELOCK RS 300, 20 euro

TRELOCK "RS 306, 20euro

TRELOCK - - ZR 355, 32 euro


TRELOCK "BC 115" - 60 cm, ca. 137 Gram, 15 euro


AXA "Defender" +  "RL100". 55euro



Defender chain Lock with 2 keys, 15euro available in BLACK or RED

Defender ULOCK with 2 keys 20euro


used spoke locks, vintage style. Can be used to lock front wheel to frame, cheaper and easier than taking the front wheel off or buying a bigger lock. 5euro


Acor wheel locking skewer set

black or silver

front wheel skewer 110mm

rear wheel skewer 145mm

seatpost skewer 30m

cost of set : 10euro


Safety skewers, these replace "quick release skewers" so as to prevent your wheels being stolen. There is one for the front wheel, back wheel and seat post. They are universal , so they work on all wheel types, for racer , triathlon, mountain bike etc. There is a special pentagonal key, unlike the hexagonal or HEX/ ALLEN type. Available in black or silver. NEW 20 EURO


How to avoid bike theft


If your bicycle has been stolen, keep an eye here