Posting of bicycles in Ireland:

If you want your bike delivered, contact me by phone first and I will explain the procedure

Basically I will email you my IBAN. You transfer the cost of the bike plus delivery fee of 30 euro (some of the larger Dutch bikes may require a higher fee due to the weight, but nearly all my bikes are covered by this price)

I bank with AIB so if that is your bank, transfer is quick. With other banks, that can day an extra day or two.

Once the payment is received I will remove the wheels from the bicycle remove the pedals and turn the handlebars sideways to allow for safe packing of all in a cardboard bicycle box. You need simple tools to reattach all the items, it is not overly difficult.

I will send it registered post with AN POST. Normally it takes 2 business days, sometimes less, for you to receive it after I send.

I can also arrange delivery of bicycles in the greater Dublin area, and parts of Kildare or Wicklow; in person without disassembly. Payment in advance plus delivery fee is still required. Best to inquire first about that.