seatposts available in unusual rare sizes for steel frame racers

e.g. 26.2mm , 26.8mm

if you have an unusual seatpost size required, ask me if I have it

Iridium alloy seatpost, 30.9mm diameter, 400mm long, 20euro


Kalloy aluminium seatpost, 30mm diameter 12euro

Alu CNC, 350 mm, black or silver, Ø 27,2 mm

10 euro

Clamp diameter 28.6mm


Clamp diameter 31.8mm



white seatpost, Magik, 27.2mm, NEW 15euro

Aluminium seatpost, 25.4mm , 298mm long. NEW 10euro

Kalloy Uno, Aluminium, NEW, 29.4mm, 385mm long, 12euro

Steel, NEW, 30.2mm, 350mm long, 10euro

Selcof aluminium, NEW, Italian, 26.0mm, 220mm long, 10euro

Kalin, aluminium NEW, 30.0mm, 320mm long, 12euro

Aluminium, NEW, 25.4mm, 300mm long, 10euro

Steel, 27.2mm, 300mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, NEW, 28.6mm, 300mm long, 10euro

Aluminium, 29.2 long, 300mm long, NEW, 10euro

Steel, 25.4mm, 350mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, 27.2mm, 365mm long, NEW, 12euro

Steel, 28mm, 270mm long, NEW, 10euro

Steel, 25mm, 350mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, 27.0mm, 250mm long, Kalloy, 12euro

Aluminium seatpost, NEW, 27.2mm diameter, 10euro

Kalloy aluminium ATB seatpost, 27.0, 12euro

Zoom aluminium seatpost, 25.4mm diameter, 250mm long, 10euro

Selcof aluminium seatpost, 26.0mm diameter, 220mm long, 10euro

seat post clamp, NEW, 35mm, 6euro

Ergotec Seat post clamp, aluminium 31.8 mm . 6 euro

Ergotec Seat post clamp, aluminium 31.8 mm . 5 euro

locking bolt and nut for tightening seatpost to frame, 1euro

Seatpost bolt, 6 x 45 mm, 4 euro