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Tips and Thoughts


 Pickup of parts and accessories in Dublin 2 (city centre)

I will meet you in the city centre with parts or accessories, give me a call or email me and tell me what you need



Lock etc


used spoke locks, vintage style. Can be used to lock front wheel to frame, cheaper and easier than taking the front wheel off or buying a bigger lock. 5euro

White spoke lock 10 EURO




Wheels hubs and rims

Second hand wheels. I have various used wheels available second hand. Mountain bike, racer and hybrid wheels. With or without tyres. Also some old chrome wheels. Ask for details

Set of 700c wheels, 622 , quick release hubs, one needs slight truing, 5 speed cassette included, tyres need replacing but inner tubes are fine, 50 euro for pair

set of chrome wheels, 700c, 622. tyres tubes and 5 speed freewheel incl. locking wingnuts too. 50euro

MTB front wheel with tyre and tube  for disc brake, quick release 30EURO

rear MTB wheel, with 8 speed cassette, tyre and tube included, quick release 25 EURO

used front racing wheel with tubular tyre and quick release, 25euro

protects the wheel from the derailleur, sits behind the cassette, 5euro each

Vintage style wing nuts, for front and back, two sizes available, 2e each

MISC 5 EURO each

Lights, bells, helmet, safety and clothing

Dynamo light fixture, 5 EURO

Shimano bike shoes, size 44, 30 EURO

Helmets, 15-30euro ask



Lepper vintage leather saddle from Netherlands, 35 EURO

Assmann leather spring saddle, 20 EURO

Witkop vintage leather  spring saddle with pouch, 25 EURO

Selle San Marco Rolls saddle, with Campagnolo 27.2mm seatpost, 70 EURO

Racing saddle, 10 EURO

Racing saddles, 20 EURO each

San Marco Racing Team, 30 EURO

Selle Italia Turbo Matic 2, almost new condition, 40euro

white leather saddle, seat post clamp included, 20euro

Selle Italia Grand Prix, leather suede, seat post clamp included, 30euro

Vintage leather saddle, with saddle bag, includes seatpost clamp, 35euro

Gipiemme saddle, 25euro

leather spring saddle, includes seat post clamp.20euro

Italia saddle, 20euro

Iscaselle leather saddle, 30euro

Selle Royale saddle, 25euro

3TTT saddle, 20euro

Linea white saddle, 15euro

Centaur spring leather saddle, with saddle bag,  seat post clamp included, 25euro

Wittkop German leather saddle with springs, seatpost clamp included, 50euro

Italia Touring, seatpost clamp included, 30euro

white Iscaselle leather saddle, Ladies, 20euro

Selle Royal Ergogel saddle, very comfortable, 30euro

San Marco Italian, Gel saddle, 30euro, NEW

Selle Italia Condor leather saddle, seat post clamp included just not in photo, 30euro

Iscaselle leather saddle with silver springs, seat post clamp included, 30euro

Iscaselle leather saddle, black springs, seat post clamp included, 30euro

Selle Royal, NEW, seat post clamp included. 15euro

Ladies spring saddle, soft material comfortable. NEW, seat post clamp included12euro

Vintage Lepper Dutch spring leather saddle, seat post clamp included (not in photo), 50euro

Selle San Marco leather, seat post clamp included. 40euro

Cinelli Unicantor Brevetta, made in Italy, leather, seat post clamp included, 45euro


Styria Lastik saddle, seat post clamp included. 30euro

Iscaselle leather saddle, made in Italy, very comfortable. Seat post clamp included. 30euro

Blue suede leather saddle, Selle Royale, seat post clamp included, 35euro

Selle Royal Dolphin white leather saddle, seat post clamp included. 30euro

wide and comfortable ladies saddle with reflector on back, 25euro

saddle, seat post clamp included, New, 10euro

Seat post clamps, 3euro each

saddle bags, 5 EURO each

Frames, Forks and bottom brackets

NEW Fixie frames, 59cm, aluminium , fork included, horizontal dropouts . black or unpainted 150� bottom brackets, headsets, and seatpost clamps available

Gary Fischer frame with seized seatpost, 20 EURO

mens frame 57cm, 60euro


Barelli Palermo frame, Columbus Aelle Tubing, 57cm, headset, seatpost, bottom bracket, 120euro

Kinesis, 61cm, very light, new condition, 150euro

Puch, light steel frame, 53cm, headset, fork, horizontal dropouts, derailleur hanger. 60euro

One Speed, 52cm, steel frame, bottom bracket, fork , headset, horizontal dropouts, 60euro

Touring sport, light steel frame, 54cm, bottom bracket, fork, headset, horizontal dropouts 50euro

used frame, ideal for conversion to single speed, fork and headset included, horizontal dropouts, 40euro

Batavus fork, steel, NEW, 1", 180mm, 20euro

Silver Batavus fork, NEW, 1", 250mm, 20euiro

Silver/maroon fork, NEW, 1", 215mm, 20euro

Black fork, 1" diameter, 195mm long steering tube, 20euro

Blue fork, 1" diameter, 170mm long steering tube, 20euro

SR Suntour fork with suspension, 20 EURO

Handlebars, grips and tape

Racing handlebars with one inch stem. dual brake levers, 40EURO

Handlebar set, left triple shifter, right 8 speed Shimano shifter, stem included, and handlebar grips and brake levers, 25 EURO

Triathlon bars, 20euro

Bar ends, 8euro

Bar ends, 8euro

Handlebars with grips, brake levers and stem. 30euro

NEW chrome steel bars with reinforced bar, 15euro

Touring style handlebars, NEW, steel in black, or aluminium in silver, 15euro

Touring  bars, Modollo Yuma trekking 20 euro

Zoom touring bars, 20euro

chrome steel handlebars with brake levers for rod style brakes, stem included 30euro

Chrome steel handlebars, NEW  15euro

ITM Italian aluminium drop/racing handlebars, NEW, 15euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, 12euro

Handlebars, bell included, aluminium, 10euro

Handlebars, aluminium, 10euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, 10euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, 10euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, 10euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, 10euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, NEW, suitable for old style high nelly or other Dutch style bike. Chrome or black, 60cm end to end 15euro

Bar ends, 10euro for pair, NEW

Brake Components

Campagnolo Veloce 8 speed gear shifters, 60 EURO

Shimano Dura Ace brake levers, 25 EURO

Shimano Dura Ace calipers, 30 EURO

Weinmann rear centrepull calipers, 12euro

long brake levers, 10euro

Tektro front calipers, 60-80mm, with brake pads, in black or white, 10euro

Pair of caliper brakes, new, 18euro

Weinmann front brake, 10euro

double brake levers, 20euro

Batavus left hand side long brake lever, 7euro

Weinmann brake levers for racing bars, NEW, 12euro

Saccon brake levers, for straight bars, NEW, 10euro

brake levers for straight bars, NEW, 10euro

Modolo Sporting brake levers, 25euro

Brake lever and components for front Rod brake (typical on old style single speed bikes, High Nellys/Roadmaster etc) 12euro

Brake cable, cylindrical/barrel ending for mountain bike style brake levers. Pear shaped ending also available for racing style levers. 2.50euro

cable for mountain bike brakes, 2euro

Gear cable, for front or rear derailleurs,  2.50euro each

Jagwire, NEW, mountain brake cable, 1700mm, 3.50euro

Jagwire, NEW, Mountain and Road brake cable, had both cylindrical and pear shaped ending, galvanised steel, 1700mm, SRAM Shimano mountain bike and road, 3.50euro

Jagwire, Campagnolo shifter cable, NEW, 2300mm, 4euro

Jagwire, shifter cable, two types of ending, NEW, SRAM or Shimano, 2300mm, 3.50euro

Cylindrical ending brake cable, with cable housing, for front brake. Endings for housing included. 5euro

Black Teflon inner coated cable housing available, with ending caps/covers. 3euro per metre.

Lime green cable housing, NEW, 6euro per metre

Pink cable housing, 6euro per metre

Yellow cable housing, 6euro per metre ***out of stock***

Red cable housing, 6euro per meter

grey corrugated style cable housing, 6euro per meter

Light green cable housing, fluorescent/glow in the dark, 6euro per meter

Grey cable housing,  168cm, 63" long. 12euro

Black cable housing with mountain bike brake cable, 57cm, 6euro

old style chrome clips to keep cable housing on the frame, 3euroeach

Casing cups, 50c each

adjusters, 1euro  each

NEW Saccon racing brake pads for racing bikes, rubber pads can be removed and replaced. Left and right side brake pads. 7euro for pair

Saccon brake pads for alloy rims, 2euro each

Brake pads, 2euro each

brake pads, 2euro each

mountain bike brake pads, 2euro each

V brake components. Rubber noodle 50c, cable guide 2euro

Tyres and Tubes


Tools and pumps



Pump, NEW, 10euro



Foot pump 10euro

Multitool, assorted types, 3euro each

Vintage tyre levers and repair kit, 6 EURO


Stems and Seat posts



Stem for modern bars, 12euro

Magik stem, 12euro

Gepida stem, NEW, 8euro

long reach stem, 10euro

short reach stem, 10euro

Vintage steel stem, 15euro

Quick release stem, 15euro

long reach stem, 12euro

Stem, NEW, 110mm long centre to centre, 10euro

Stem, New, 15euiro

Short reach long stems, 10euro 18cm, 23cm and 22cm respectively

Stem, ZOOM, NEW, 10euro

Stem, 10euro 10cm centre to centre

racing quill stem, NEW, 12euro

Hercules adjustable stem, NEW, silver or black, once inch. 12euro

long upright stem, 12euro

adjustable stem, 14euro

vintage short stem, steel 15euro

upright stem, NEW , fits most city bikes or racers, locking nut and bolt included. 10euro each

Stem bolt, 195mm long, new, 6euro

seatpost with spring inside, suspension seatpost, 25.4 mm 14euro

suspension seatpost, 25.4mm, 12euro

white seatpost, Magik, 27.2mm, 15euro

Aluminium seatpost, 25.4mm , 298mm long. NEW 10euro

Kalloy Uno, Aluminium, NEW, 29.4mm, 385mm long, 12euro

Steel, NEW, 30.2mm, 350mm long, 10euro

Selcof aluminium, NEW, Italian, 26.0mm, 220mm long, 10euro

Kalin, aluminium NEW, 30.0mm, 320mm long, 12euro

Aluminium, NEW, 25.4mm, 300mm long, 10euro

Steel, 27.2mm, 300mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, NEW, 28.6mm, 300mm long, 10euro

Aluminium, 29.2 long, 300mm long, NEW, 10euro

Steel, 25.4mm, 350mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, 27.2mm, 365mm long, NEW, 12euro

Steel, 28mm, 270mm long, NEW, 10euro

Steel, 25mm, 350mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, 27.0mm, 250mm long, Kalloy, 12euro

Aluminium seatpost, NEW, 27.2mm diameter, 10euro

Kalloy aluminium ATB seatpost, 27.0, 12euro

Zoom aluminium seatpost, 25.4mm diameter, 250mm long, 10euro

Selcof aluminium seatpost, 26.0mm diameter, 220mm long, 10euro

other seat posts available in different sizes, black and silver. Ask for details

seat post clamp, NEW, 35mm, 6euro

locking bolt and nut for tightening seatpost to frame, 1euro

Steel stem, 12euro

saddle clamps available in silver and black, used, 3euro each

Campagnolo headset pieces, 8 EURO

Attachement for seatpost 4 EURO

Mudguards, Carriers and Kickstands


SKS mudguard set, 185 gram, works with racing and hybrid bikes , nuts included 15euro



Chainrings, cranksets, bottom brackets, pedals and clips

Crankset, vintage type for cottered pins, pedals included 20 EURO

Shimano Alivio MTB crankset, with locking bolts, 15 EURO

Racing crankset, 25 Euro

Triple Shimano crankset with pedals, square tapered. 30euro

Crankset, NEW, lightweight steel, 48 tooth outer chainring, 38 tooth inner chainring. locking bolts included. Square tapered. 20euro

Cottered crankset, NEW, 48/40 teeth, steel, 20euro

Left side cranks , Schwinn Csepel, 170mm , black or silver, 12euro each

Red pedals, 12euro

Victor platform pedals, 10 EURO

Shimano SPD pedals, 20 EURO

Pedals, 20 EURO

Quilll pedals, 10 Euro per pair

Campagnolo  Vintage pedals with straps, 25 EURO

Look Free Arc pedals, 20euro

Quill pedals, Christophe mini clips, 20euro

Quill black pedals, Ravia straps, metal clips, 15euro

Quill pedals, metals clips, Lapize leather straps, 15euro

Pedals, straps, clips, reflectors, 15euro

Pedals with steel clips and straps, 12euro

pedals with plastic clips and straps, 12euro

Look pedals, 8euro for a pair

Zoogie platform pedals, NEW, 16euro

black pedals, 10euro

Look pedals, 12euro

Zoogie pedals, new, 16euro

Japanese large wide pedals, SP4252, 15euro

MKS MP 200 pedals, 15euro

Shimano SPD pedals, 20euro

Retro vintage used pedals, with reflectors, 10euro


Gear Changers and Derailleurs

gear changer for friction gears, up to 6 speed, clamps onto stem. 7 EURO

derailleur  screw in type, 10 EURO

7x3 Shimano gear shifters and levers combination, for straight handlebars, 15 EURO

Shimano Tourney MTB front derailleur for triple crankseet, 10euro

Suntour gear changers, up to 6 speed, for handlebars, 12 EURO

Various clamp on gear shifters, 20 EURO

Shimano Clamp on gear shifters, 20 EURO

Shimano Bar end shifters, 30 EURO

Shimano 600 vintage rear derailleur, 25 EURO

Front derailleur vintage, 20 EURO

Campagnolo front derailleur, 25 EURO

Triplex front derailleur, 20 EURO

Campagnolo Veloce rear derailleur for 9 speed,  short cage 50 EURO

Campagnolo Centaur Carbon left double shifter, 50 EURO

Shimano Megarange rear derailleur, 23euro

Falcon rear derailleur, NEW, for up to 7 speed friction or index, for derailleur hanger, 12euro

Shimano Deore rear derailleur,for derailleur hanger, 20euro

Shimano friction shifter with cable and housing, 12euro

Shimano 21 speed thumb shifters with cable, NEW, 25euro

Front derailleur for mountain bikes, for double or triple chainrings, NEW, Shimano, 10euro

Suntour Xpress power control shifters, 7 speed, NEW 16euro for pair. cables included

Shimano Light Action, 5 speed index shifters, for both front and back derailleurs, works up to 15 speed, cables included, NEW 14euro

Shimano Revoshift 7sp shifters with cables, for both front and rear derailleur, works up to 21 speed, NEW, 16euro

Downtube shifters, NEW, 10euro

Shimano Light Action shifter, NEW,  for friction shifting gears, 4 to 7 speed, available for front and rear derailleurs. Fits easily onto one inch handlebars or stem.  includes cable 8euro

Friction gear double gear changers, fits on down tube , with cables. NEW,10euro

Shimano Light Action index shifters, with cables. works up to 6 speed, NEW, 8euro

Shimano Tourney TZ 50 Rear derailleur compatible with all Shimano 6 & 7 Speed shifters. Advanced light action design. Bracket fit (under wheel nut). SIS Rear index shifting. Smartcage pulley plate. Max Sprocket 34T. Min Sprocket 11T. Weight:273 Grams. 20euro

Shimano Tourney SIS derailleur, suitable for touring racing and MTB up to 7 speeds. 15euro NEW

Ventura rear derailleur, NEW, 10euro

Falcon rear derailleur rear, can be used on 5/6/7 speed index or friction gears. NEW, 10euro

Derailleur hanger, 3euro

Shimano Cable guide 5 EURO

Chains, Cassettes and chainguards

Chainguard, 10 EURO

10 Speed casstte 12- 26, 40 EURO


Cable of many colours for dynamo lights, 2.50 each

Huret Vintage speedometer. with attachment for front wheel 20 EURO

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