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Do you have a shop?

I don't have a shop. In the interests of keeping my costs down and therefore providing great quality second hand bikes at affordable prices, I do it this way.

Is there a place where I can view all your bikes?

No. My storage place is not public. I avoid further unnecessary costs such as insurance in this way, again keeping costs down. Also, bike theft is an overlying concern for all of us, and me especially. This is another reason for me not to have a public storage place.

Where do the bikes come from?

 Those familiar with bikes will notice that the models are predominantly European manufacturers who built bikes with the aim of them lasting a long time. Unlike modern productions which have a much shorter life span and with planned obsolescence.

How can I go about viewing a bike?

You can contact me at anytime. Viewing is exclusively by appointment only. Usually I can meet at short notice.

Where can I meet you to try the bike?

I can meet you in the city centre, for example at Stephens Green, or somewhere else in Dublin 2 where you can take the bike for a test ride.

Can I meet you at the weekend?

Yes. I am available every day. You just need to contact me and we will arrange an appointment.

Can we meet in the evening?

Evenings are fine up to 7 or 8pm. I understand that people have schedules that don't always fit with regular 9am to 6pm opening hours, so I am there to adapt to your needs.

Can I view more than one bike?

No. As I would be cycling the bike in to meet you, one is all I can bring.

If there is a problem with the bike after I buy it, will you fix it?

I don't specifically offer a guarantee. However, if there is a problem with the bike shortly after you purchase it, and it is something that I have overlooked, I will rectify it free of charge. If if is something that has occurred as a result of regular wear and tear, or after a few weeks/months of use, I can repair it or upgrade it at a low price, or sometimes at no charge.

Do you sell children's bikes?

I don't sell any children's bikes at the moment.

Do you take trade ins?

Yes, send me an email, with photos of the bicycle and the final price you will accept for it.


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