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Dublinbikeman is available for servicing, repairs and upgrades.

If you have an old bicycle or frame, and you want it custom designed with coloured tyres, nice saddle, coloured handlebar tape or any other items from my website, I can do this.


New wheel installed

New Chain

New pedals

Old cassette/freewheel removed and replace

Brakes serviced, brake pads replaced, brake cables replaced

Derailleur fixed due to clicking gears.

Conversion to single speed

new seatpost and saddle

new puncture resistant tyre install

Changing from cotter pin type crankset to modern with sealed bottom bracket

Change racing handlebars to straight bars.







Standard service of a bike includes:

Check tyres and tubes for punctures and worn tread

Check front and rear brakes and brake cables

Check gears and gear cables

Check front and rear cassette/chainrings for wear

Check bottom bracket

Check headset

Check seatpost

Clean and oil chain

Clean and lube all springs – front and rear derailleurs and brake mounting points

Tubes/Tyres - replace where necessary and inflate to correct pressure

Brake blocks - if necessary remove worn blocks and replace with new

Cables - remove damaged/rusted (inner and outer) brake and gear cables where necessary

Chain - if necessary remove chain and replace with new

Cassettes/chainrings - if necessary remove worn/damaged cassette/chainrings and replace

Gears - adjust and tune – front and rear

Brakes - adjust and balance – cantilever brakes or V-brakes

Headset – adjust and replace bearings if necessary

Pedals – remove, clean threads, re-grease, replace and tighten

Tighten all nuts and bolts/Fit any accessories

Every bike is different and I can always give you a free quotation, but from experience, most service/repair costs are between €30 and €60, including parts.

I understand everyone has a budget and I endeavour to work within that.  I won’t replace anything unnecessarily and if I have recommendations to replace more expensive parts, I'll always phone you first before going ahead with the work.

I am pretty flexible and I can just repair a puncture or swap over your tyres if that's all you need. I often do minor jobs, like replacing inner tubes or brake blocks.

Contact me for more details.


If you have a dent on your frame, check these guys

ShelBroCo Dent Removal System (

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