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 Pickup of parts and accessories in Dublin 2 (city centre)

Locks and cables


Kryptonite lock, Evolution Mini U-lock 7, 5.4 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches, NEW, comes with 3 keys and a mounting bracket to attach to the bike frame, 45euro (personal note- I have had my Evolution mini for 6 years or so, it has never let me down. A bit of oil every now and then in the lock mechanism if it gets rained on a lot, but otherwise it's a wonderful lock and a great deterrent to thieves. It's small, and many people say that it's hard to lock it to many poles or stands in the city, but I've never had a problem to find a place to lock it within a few seconds walk. ) Product info here

Same as ULOCK  above but Limited edition, Kryptonite Mini 40th Anniversary lock. 3.25 x 5". Same size as the lock above. Ruby red crossbar, exclusive black chrome finish with clear dust cover, and special 40th anniversary logo. Includes three Stainless Steel keys (2 �I� keys and one with a LED bulb for convenient, easy unlocking in the dark). 55euro

Messenger mini , product info here 55euro

Messenger mini with U part for rear wheel, product info here 70euro

Messenger chain and padlock, product info here 70euro

Evolution with cable, product info here 55 EURO OUT OF STOCK


Kryptonite Evolution Standard 4. product info here  60EURO

Kryptonite Evolution mini 9 , product info here 60euro

Kryptonite Evolution series 4 LS, product info here. 55euro

Kryptolock Mini, product info here 40euro

Kryptonite Kryptolock with cable, product info here 50euro

Kryptonite Keeper chain, product info here 40euro

Kryptonite Series 2 Standard, product info here 40euro

Kryptonite Kryptolock series 2 LS product info here 50 EURO

Kryponite Keeper Ulock , product info here 27euro *OUTOF STOCK**

Kryptonite 710 Double loop cable, 220cm long, product info here, 20EURO

Kryptonite 410 Double loop cable, 120cm long, product info here , perfect for locking wheels with your Ulock, 13euro



Kryptonite New York Fahgeddaboutit Mini, product info here 100euro

Kryptonite New Yorker


Lock holder by Kryptonite, for attaching your ULOCK to handlebars, product info here 12euro

Chain Lock with 2 keys, 25 euro

Defender chain Lock with 2 keys, 15euro available in BLACK and RED



Lightweight basket, available in black also.  Has attachment bracket for the handlebars with release button. 15euro


Wheels hubs and rims


Rear axle, 8euro

Quick release wheels, black or silver rims, these can take 8 or 9 speed cassette (I sell these also- Shimano Hyperglide etc), double walled alloy wheels, 700c tyres as standard. 30euro each for front or back wheel

Safety skewers, these replace "quick release skewers" so as to prevent your wheels being stolen. There is one for the front wheel, back wheel and seat post. They are universal , so they work on all wheel types, for racer , triathlon, mountain bike etc. There is a special pentagonal key, unlike the hexagonal or HEX/ ALLEN type. Available in black or silver. 20 EURO

New Wheelset, made in Italy, 700c, for 9 speed cassette, Ambrosio rims and Shimano freehub, very light very strong professional racing wheelset, comes with quick release skewers, 150euro

NEW white double walled 700c wheels, front or back wheel, good for old style racers, hybrids , Threaded hub. Can take 5/6/7 speed freewheel, which I have available from Sunrace or Shimano. 20 Euro each

Fixie wheelsets, flipflop rear hub, RODI CC40, Tempest Vuelta ROOi , 120euro for the pair. Includes freewheel and fixed cog, plus locking nuts. 3 types available

FIXIE WHEELSET. White or Red pair. 18 Tooth Freewheel and Fixed cog and locking wheels nuts included, 120 EURO�


Brand NEW  alloy double walled rim wheels, front or rear, 700c, Italian rims. 25euro each, 40euro with tyre and tube installed (80euro for a wheelset/pair with Rubena tyres, tubes and rim tape installed).  Available in black or silver/grey rims. If you want other tyres with it, that is also possible. Just let me know. These can take from 23 to 37 mm wide tyres.

700c silver wheel, new, double walled aluminium rim, coaster brake/back pedal brake steel hub, available in either silver or black rim. 35euro (50euro with Rubena tyre and tube installed)

28" steel wheels for old style bikes, Dutch bikes etc. Size 635 tyre. Rear wheel is back pedal brake/coaster brake 30euro. With tyre and tube installed, 45euro. (Rear wheel in photo with 20 tooth cog, not included with with wheel).

26" Steel wheels 590 tyre size, NEW front and rear (threaded hub). suitable for old style road bikes which have/had 584/590 size. (Tyres available also 12euro each) 30euro each

wheel locking nuts, 50c each. Two sizes available, regular size and a smaller size for some older style hubs.


Schwalbe Rim Tape, available in a number of sizes. 3 euro each

622*16, 622*18, 622*20

Ebon rim tape NEW, 700C 16MM, 6euro contains 2 rim tapes

Ebon rim tape, 26" wheels, 18mm, 6euro contains 2


Fixie Hubs, 36 hole, 25 euro for pair


protects the wheel from the derailleur, sits behind the cassette, 5euro each

Lots of quick release wheel skewers, 4 euro each


Lights, bells, helmet, safety and clothing

Frog style LED  lights, NEW  front and back, wraps easily around your front handlebars, and the rear around your seat post or other parts of the bike. 3 settings, full on light and 2 types of flashing. Batteries included and can be changed easily. I use these myself and find them great. Can be sold separately for 5euro each. 10euro for pair. Available in WHITE / RED/ PINK/ GREEN

Rubber frog style light for front handlebars,  wraps around , battery included, available in pink or white, 8euro


LED Crank light. wind up the light, easy to use, no batteries. Mounts on the handlebars. Strong beam of light. 15euro

Front and back lights with batteries included. can attach to bicycle. 14euro

Front handlebar light, NEW, 10euro

Ventura helmet, Medium, 20 EURO

Safety reflective cycling vest, many sizes available, 5euro

Trouser clips, metal or plastic, 3euro each

Trouser clip with reflective strip, 2euro each




GMG 911 Classic Junior Children's Bike Seat, very easy to put on, NEW  30euro

Velo Plush, NEW 30EURO

Velo with springs 30EURO

Csepel saddle, 25euro

Csepel saddle with buttons 30euro

Selle Montegrappa, Night Day, made in Italy, NEW, white/light brown/black/grey/dark brown. 20euro

Selle MonteGrappa, Singlespeed, Made in Italy, NEW, 25euro

Selle MonteGrappa, Singlespeed, Made in Italy, NEW, 22euro

Selle Monte Grappa Thunder saddle. Made in Italy. Black/Cream/White/Brown/Yellow. Seat post clamp included. NEW 12euro

Selle Monte Grappa Lucky Racing saddle., No Skid System, NEW, white or black, 16euro

Witkop ladies saddle NEW, reflective stripe on back. 20euro

Selle Royale Bayern Munich Racing saddle, seat post clamp included. 20euro

Octavia racing saddle, NEW, 20euro

Kappaduc saddle blue yellow black or red, seat post clamp included. 15euro

Selle San Marco brown Italian saddle, NEW , 20euro

Future Ladies City Line with springs, very comfortable saddle, NEW  seat post clamp included. 20euro


Selle Montegrappa Laguna Gel saddle, with springs, NEW, made in Italy, 24euro

Selle Montegrappa Spark racing saddle, made in Italy, NEW, 13euro

Selle Montegrappa, made in Italy, large ladies America saddle with springs, seat post included, NEW, 15euro

Selle Montegrappa, Future Ladies City Line, NEW, made in Italy, springs, seatpost clamp included,16euro

Selle Montegrappa Bora, Made in Italy, NEW, 16euro

Selle Montegrappa Liberty, Made in Italy, NEW, 22euro

Selle Monte Grappa Trimilennio, NEW, 18euro

Selle Monte Grappa Trimilennio, NEW , 18euro

Selle Monte Grappa, MTB Old Road, seat post clamp included. NEW, 14euro

Bassano Strike saddle, NEW , 15euro

San Marco Millenium saddle, NEW, 15euro

ladies saddle, NEW, 15euro

saddle, NEW, includes attachment clamp, 15euro

Schauff ladies saddle, NEW, 15euro

Bassano Smart NEW, 15euro

Selle Monte Grappa Feliz ladies saddle, NEW, seat post clamp included. 15euro

Selle Royale Eclipse Shock NEW, 15euro

Mens spring leather saddle, NEW, seat post clamp included. 25euro

Bassano Vuelta Champion yellow saddle, made Italy, NEW, 20euro

Monte Grappa Spark white saddle, Italian, NEW  20euro

Bassano Vuelta Schauff Italian saddle, NEW , 20euro

Seat post clamps, ask for sizes 8euro each

Schauff saddle, 15euro NEW

Childs saddle, fits onto horizontal crossbar of bike, for carrying your child while you cycle, 12euro


Frames, Forks and bottom brackets

NEW Fixie frames, 59cm, aluminium , fork included, horizontal dropouts . black or unpainted 150euro bottom brackets, headsets, and seatpost clamps available

Fork, one inch, 182mm long for 700c wheels. 30euro

Chrome forks. 1 inch diameter. NEW. Steerer/steering tube length, 21.5cm or 16.5cm. 30euro each

square tapered bottom bracket, 68mm, sizes from 106mm to 130mm. Small size available for single speed chainring, larger available for double or triple crankset.10euro


Handlebars, grips and tape

Vintage style chrome bars , NEW , suitable for old style 1 inch stems 25euro

Steel handlebars, 15 EURO

Kalin steel bars, 15 EURO

Steel bars with carbon effect, 15 EURO

Aluminium bars, 15 EURO

Steel bullhorn bars, 15 EURO

Aluminium bars, 15 EURO

URBAN aluminium bars, 23 EURO

Handlebars with slight raise, NEW, 20euro

WEIM handlebars 20 EURO

HCT aluminium bars, 15 EURO

Magix handlebars, 20euro

Steel handlebars 15 EURO

Satori Racing handlebars, 15euro

Zoom aluminium handlebars, 15euro

3TTT Italian handlebars aluminium, 20euro

Handlebars, chrome steel, NEW, suitable for old style high nelly or other Dutch style bike. Chrome or black, 60cm end to end 15euro

chrome steel handlebars with brake levers for rod style brakes, stem included 30euro

Touring style handlebars, NEW, steel in black, or aluminium in silver, 15euro

NEW chrome steel bars with reinforced bar, 15euro


ITM aluminium racing handlebars, cut for bullhorn shape,  made in Italy, NEW, 15euro


Ambrosio Handlebar tape. Made in Italy, 10EURO each



Ebon Handlebar tape: Red Black Blue Pink Yellow White. 8 euro

black bar tape NEW, bar endings included, 7euro

red bar tape NEW, bar endings included 7euro

white handlebar tape, NEW, bar plugs included, 7euro

blue bar tape NEW, bar endings included 7euro

Brown ergonomic grips for straight bars, 10 EURO

White ergonoimic grips for straight bars, 10euro

brown grips, new Rubber, 8 euro

Ergonomic  bar grips for straight bars, available in brown/black or grey/black 10euro

Black and red grips, 6euro

various black handlebar grips, 4euro for pair


Brown grips, NEW, 9euro

Handlebar grips, fixed to handlebars by adjustments screw at end of the grips, end plugs included, 9euro

Handlebar grips in choice of colours, 7euro

Handlebar grips with raised endings, 7euro

Charge handlebar grips, longer than regular grips, red or orange, NEW, 9euro

foam handlebars for old style chrome racing bars, NEW 10euro

New black hard rubber grip for racing handlebars, 10eiuro

NEW white rubber grip for racing handlebars. 10euro

Brake Components

Saccon brake levers for racing handlebars, these are for taking cables which hide under the handlebar tape. 17 EURO for pair available in black or white

Saccon Aero bar end levers 35euro

Saccon bar end levers, 19-20.6mm 15euro

Brake levers for racing handlebars, available in black or white, cables come out the top, 10 EURO for pair

Weinman old style brake levers, cables go in to the top of the lever, attachment piece require for cable housing to brake lever, which I have in stock also, for 50c.  10 EURO for pair

Saccon Brake levers, for straight bars, 12 EURO

Saccon Brake levers, for straight bars, 10 EURO

Brake lever which takes two brake cables, can be used to have front and back brakes in one lever, 13euro

Saccon brake lever for straight bars, with lock which keeps brake open, 15euro

Tektro left hand side brake lever, NEW 7euro

short black Saccon brake levers, for straight bars, NEW, 16euro

White brake levers, NEW, Saccon, 11euro

brake levers for straight bars, NEW, 10euro

Saccon brake levers, for straight bars, NEW, 10euro

Weinmann Vintage style brake levers for racing bars, NEW, 12euro


front brake, long reach, suitable for old high nelly bikes too. available in silver grey also 6euro


old style Weinmann rear calipers, NEW condition, brake pads included, 60mm to 85mm reach, 8euro

Shimano Exage short reach brake calipers, NEW 20euro

Shimano Exage Sport rear brake calipers, 57mm to 47mm reach, NEW, 12euro

Saccon brake calipers, front and back, long reach, 70-90mm, 18euro

Saccon brake calipers for front, NEW long reach, 8euro for one

Saccon brakes, dual pivot, easy release, 39/49mm. Pin 28 or 13 mm. NEW,
20euro for pair

Saccon brakes, dual pivot, short reach, easy release, 43/57mm. Pin 28 or 13mm. NEW, 20euro for pair

Long reach front brake calipers with brake pads, 12euro

Brake lever and components for front Rod brake (typical on old style single speed bikes, High Nellys/Roadmaster etc) 12euro


Racing brake pads, 5euro for 2

Brake cable, cylindrical/barrel ending for mountain bike style brake levers. Pear shaped ending also available for racing style levers. 2.50euro

Cylindrical ending brake cable, with cable housing, for front brake. Endings for housing included. 5euro

Black Teflon inner coated cable housing available, with ending caps/covers. 3euro per metre.

Lime green cable housing, NEW, 6euro per metre

Pink cable housing, 6euro per metre

Yellow cable housing, 6euro per metre ***out of stock***

Red cable housing, 6euro per meter

grey corrugated style cable housing, 6euro per meter

Light green cable housing, fluorescent/glow in the dark, 6euro per meter

Jagwire, NEW, mountain brake cable, 1700mm, 3.50euro

Jagwire, NEW, Mountain and Road brake cable, had both cylindrical and pear shaped ending, galvanised steel, 1700mm, SRAM Shimano mountain bike and road, 3.50euro

Jagwire, Campagnolo shifter cable, NEW, 2300mm, 4euro

Jagwire, shifter cable, two types of ending, NEW, SRAM or Shimano, 2300mm, 3.50euro


old style chrome clips to keep cable housing on the frame, 3euroeach


Shimano Cable guide 5 EURO


Casing cups, 50c each

adjusters, 1euro  each

NEW Saccon racing brake pads for racing bikes, rubber pads can be removed and replaced. Left and right side brake pads. 7euro for pair

Saccon brake pads for alloy rims, 2euro each

Brake pads, 2euro each

brake pads, 2euro each

mountain bike brake pads, 2euro each

V brake components. Rubber noodle 50c, cable guide 2euro

Tyres and Tubes


Vittoria Randonneur white, 700 x 28, 622*28, 25euro

Vittoria brown , Special Shielding , reflective, 622x 37, 25euro

Vittoria Voyager, 622x 37, 700 x 35c, 25euro

Continental City Ride 622-32, 20euro

Continental Tour Ride, puncture protection, 622-32, 28 x 1 1/4, 20euro

Kenda, 622- 42, black cream sidewalls, 12euro

Kenda KWest, 700x 32c, 10euro

Vee Rubber, black and white, 622 - 32, 10euro

Vee Rubber, Black and orange tyres, 700x 28c , 622-28, 10euro

Vee Rubber brown, 700x 28c, 622-28, 10euro

Vee Rubber, 26 x 1 3/8, 37-590, 10euro

Rubena 40-584, 26 x 1 1/2 old size tyre. Often used on old French or other continental wheels. Inner tubes available for this size too. 12euro

Image result for rubena 40-584

Rubena 37- 590, 26 x 1 3/8, old tyres size but also used on Dawes Duchesss type bikes. Often used on old French or other continental wheels. Inner tubes available for this size too. 12euro

Image result for rubena 37-590

Ponely, 37 - 590, 26 x 1 3/8, 10euro

Ponely black white, 57-559,  10euro

Rubena Hook, available in 622*32, 622*37. Ideal for Hybrid/new or old racer. 700c wheeels product info here.  12 EURO

Rubena Flash, 622*32. 700c wheels. Similar to Rubena Hook but more slick. product info here 12 EURO

Rubena Gripper 622 42, 12euro

Rubena Scylla   622 37, 12euro

Rubena V66 Flash with reflective side, 622 32, 12 euro

Rubena Syrinx, 622*23. 700c wheels. Suitable for racers. Available in all black, or black/red, and black/blue. product info here 12 EURO

Rubena reflective 630 x32 12euro

Rubena Sprint 630x 32, 12 euro

Rubena 635x 40, 12euro

Rubena Cobra 559 * 50 for MTB, product info here, 12 EURO

Rubena Flash 559 40, for Mountain bikes, smooth tyre, 12 euro

Rubena Flash 559 47 for mountain bikes, smooth tyre, 12 euro

Rubena Rapid, 559 52, 12euro

Vee Rubber, black with white sidewalls, 47 x 559, 12euro

Rubena 47x 406, 12euro



Schwalbe Delta Cruiser 21 EURO

Available in 622*32 (black)

622*28 (black), 622*40 (creme)

622*32 (black with brown sidewalls)

630*32  (black with creme sidewalls)

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser, 635 x 40, 20 euro


Schwalbe Lugano with KEVLAR guard puncture protection , available in many colours, product info here, 21 EURO




Rubino Pro 3, 30euro


Vittoria Zaffiro Home Trainer

Panaracer Catalyst Sport , 622x 23, 20euro


622*23, 622*25, 622*28. 15 EURO


Kenda Kampaign, 622x 32, 14euro

Kenda KWest, 622x 32, 14euro

Kenda black with orange sidewalls, 622x 40, 14euro

Kenda 37x 490, 12euro

Rubena inner tube, 18/25, 622-635. 80mm long valve. 5 EURO


Rubena inner tubes, NEW , presta valve, for 27" or 28" wheels. 700c 18/23 - 622/630. Plastic dust cap and  nut included. 4.50euro each

Rubena Inner Tubes for mountain bikes, 26* 1.9. 559. 4.50euro each NEW Schrader valve

Continental Inner tubes for fixies or other wheels with deep rims, has a long valve, 18/25- 622/630, 5.50euro



Schwalbe Rim Tape, available in a number of sizes.

622*16, 622*18, 622*20, 3EURO each


Tools and pumps

Pump, similar to the pump below but a more heavy duty one, alumimiuim, 50euro

Pump, perfect for home use, faster and easier  than a hand pump. works on all bikes 30euro

Tyre levers, pack of three, hard plastic. 2euro

3 way socket wrench. NEW  8mm, 9mm, 10mm. 5euro

3 way socket wrench. NEW  11mm, 13mm, 14mm. 5euro

3 way hex/allen wrench. NEW  4mm, 5mm, 6mm. 5euro

repair kit; includes patches, glue, sandpaper.5euro

Bike lubricant oil, 3euro

14mm and 15mm wrench, 12euro

Pedal wrench, 15mm/17mm and 15mm/17mm. 12euro


15mm pedal wrench, 12euro

Ice Toolz chain whip tool, 15euro

Ice Toolz wire and cable housing cutter, 35euro


Ice Toolz professional level chain link remover 25euro

Ice Toolz chain link remover, 8euro

Ice Toolz chain link remover, 12euro

Ice Toolz cone wrench, 10euro

Ice Toolz tube cutter, for seatposts/handlebars etc, 15euro

Shimano Freewheel remover, 5euro

Old style freewheel remover , 2 types, 5euro


Campagnolo Cassette lockring and bottom bracket cartridge remover, 13euro


Stems and Seat posts


Expander convertor for 1 inch frames to modern type 10euro

Stem, ZOOM, NEW, 10euro

white seatpost, Magik, 27.2mm, 15euro

Aluminium seatpost, 25.4mm , 298mm long. NEW 10euro

Kalloy Uno, Aluminium, NEW, 29.4mm, 385mm long, 12euro

Steel, NEW, 30.2mm, 350mm long, 10euro

Selcof aluminium, NEW, Italian, 26.0mm, 220mm long, 10euro

Kalin, aluminium NEW, 30.0mm, 320mm long, 12euro

Aluminium, NEW, 25.4mm, 300mm long, 10euro

Steel, 27.2mm, 300mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, NEW, 28.6mm, 300mm long, 10euro

Aluminium, 29.2 long, 300mm long, NEW, 10euro

Steel, 25.4mm, 350mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, 27.2mm, 365mm long, NEW, 12euro

Steel, 28mm, 270mm long, NEW, 10euro

Steel, 25mm, 350mm long, NEW, 10euro

Aluminium, 27.0mm, 250mm long, Kalloy, 12euro

Aluminium seatpost, NEW, 27.2mm diameter, 10euro

Kalloy aluminium ATB seatpost, 27.0, 12euro

Zoom aluminium seatpost, 25.4mm diameter, 250mm long, 10euro

Selcof aluminium seatpost, 26.0mm diameter, 220mm long, 10euro

other seat posts available in different sizes, black and silver. Ask for details

seat post clamp, NEW, 35mm, 6euro

locking bolt and nut for tightening seatpost to frame, 1euro

Steel stem, 12euro


Hercules adjustable stem, NEW, silver or black, once inch. 12euro

long upright stem, 12euro

upright stem, NEW , fits most city bikes or racers, locking nut and bolt included. 10euro each

Stem bolt, 195mm long, new, 6euro


Stem, New, 15euiro


Stem for modern bars, 12euro

Magik stem, 12euro


Kalloy 1" UNO racing stem NEW, 10euro


Uno stem, 18 euro

Long reach black stem 15euro

Stems, 18 euro each.

Long Stem, 2 types, 15euro

3TTT stem, extra long, 25 Euro

FSA Stem, extra long, 30 EURO

Stem bolts, the top 3 have allen/hex bolt type, the lower 3 have size 13mm nut head,  5 EURO each

Mudguards Chainguards and Carriers


SKS mudguard set, 185 gram, works with racing and hybrid bikes , nuts included 15euro


Rear mudguard, easily attaches to any seat post, suits all bikes, NEW 14euro

Mudguard/ water protector , this fits on the low bar of your bicycle frame to prevent splash fron the front wheel, rubber straps included, fits any bicycle, easy to attach.  10 EURO

Hardened plastic mudguards for mountain bikes or city/ racing bikes, NEW. with attaching bracket. Easy to attach , and to remove when not needed. 10euro EURO for pair

SKS mudguard set, 185 gram, works with racing and hybrid bikes , nuts included 15euro


Metal Mudguard for old style vintage bikes, available in Black or White, 15 EURO


Plastic chainguard for up to 7 speed bike or for single speed, 13 EURO

Large chainguard for old style High Nelly type bike, 20 EURO


Panier bags, double sided, 25euro

Chainrings, cranksets, bottom brackets, pedals and clips

Chainring bolts, 10euro

Bottom brackets, square tapered, from 103mm to 125mm long, 10euro, standard fitting

Single speed square tapered crankset, 15euro

Cottered crankset, NEW, 48/40 teeth, steel, 20euro


Single speed crankset, Prowheel, 46tooth 27euro

Racing Crankset double, 52 tooth and 42 tooth, square tapered, aluminium, NEW,  170mm length cranks, 40euro


Dotek single speed crankset, 46 tooth, 25 EURO

Dotek, 1/8" 46 Tooth single speed crankset, 25 EURO

Dotek Triple alloy crankset, MTB 3/32 , 30/39/53 Tooth , 37 EURO

Dotek Double Racing crankset, 3/32" , 42/52 Tooth, alloy 170mm cranks, 30 EURO


Square tapered 1/8" 46 tooth single speed crankset , 16 EURO

LASCO single speed crankset alloy, locking bolts included,  1/8" 46 tooth, 35 EURO

Lasco, alloy double crankset, 34/50 Tooth, BCD 110mm, 40 EURO

Crankset, NEW, lightweight steel, 48 tooth outer chainring, 38 tooth inner chainring. locking bolts included. Square tapered. 20euro


Left side cranks , Schwinn Csepel, 170mm , black or silver, 12euro each


Zoogie platform pedals, NEW, 16euro

Zoogie pedals, new, 16euro


Platform pedals, WellGo 20euro


Platform pedals, 20 euro

City bike or MTB bike pedals, 8 EURO

Union pedals, NEW, great for racing/city/mountain bikes, good grip, with reflectors. Available in black/silver (first two photos) 18EURO and all silver (last photo) 16euro

UNION SPORT PEDALS, classic style, available in brown white or black 15 EURO for a pair


Steel pedals, lovely classic look for use on vintage bicycles or giving an old look to new bicycles, 12euro for pair

Racing pedals, great for use on racers or any city bike, very good grip, excellent quality. Available in black, blue, red and white. 15euro for pair.

Schwinn Csepel folding pedals, 2 pedals, NEW, 20 euro

Schwinn Csepel pedals NEW, 8 euro

Italian threaded bottom bracket, 110.5mm, 20 EURO

Gear Changers and Derailleurs


Front derailleur adaptor, 10euro

Suntour, clamp on gear changer, for downtube, up to 5 speed, 15 EURO

chain tensioner for single speed, this screws  into the derailleur dropout and can replace a normal derailleur to make your bike a simple single speed, perfect for using with a mountain bike conversion,  12 EURO


rear derailleur, screw in type into the derailleur hanger, up to 7 speed 12 EURO

rear derailleur, up to 6 speed, 10 EURO

Ventura rear derailleur, NEW, 10euro

Falcon rear derailleur rear, can be used on 5/6/7 speed index or friction gears. NEW, 10euro

Derailleur hanger, 3euro

Shimano Tourney TZ 50 Rear derailleur compatible with all Shimano 6 & 7 Speed shifters. Advanced light action design. Bracket fit (under wheel nut). SIS Rear index shifting. Smartcage pulley plate. Max Sprocket 34T. Min Sprocket 11T. Weight:273 Grams. 20euro

Shimano Tourney SIS derailleur, suitable for touring racing and MTB up to 7 speeds. 15euro NEW

Shimano Megarange rear derailleur, 23euro

Falcon rear derailleur, NEW, for up to 7 speed friction or index, for derailleur hanger, 12euro

Shimano friction shifter with cable and housing, 12euro

Shimano 21 speed thumb shifters with cable, for straight handlebars  NEW, 25euro

Front derailleur for mountain bikes, for double or triple chainrings, NEW, Shimano, 10euro

Suntour Xpress power control shifters, 7 speed, NEW 16euro for pair. cables included

Shimano Light Action, 5 speed index shifters, for both front and back derailleurs, works up to 15 speed, cables included, NEW 14euro

Shimano Revoshift 7sp shifters with cables, for both front and rear derailleur, works up to 21 speed, NEW, 16euro

Downtube shifters, NEW, 10euro

Shimano Light Action shifter, NEW,  for friction shifting gears, 4 to 7 speed, available for front and rear derailleurs. Fits easily onto one inch handlebars or stem.  includes cable 8euro

Friction gear double gear changers, fits on down tube , with cables. NEW,10euro

Shimano Light Action index shifters, with cables. works up to 6 speed, NEW, 8euro


TACX derailleur wheels, 5 EURO

SACHS front derailleur for racing bikes, for steel frame double chainring, 15 EURO

Single friction gear changer, fits to stem, works for up to 7 speed. attaches to old style stem. NEW, 6 EURO

Friction Gear shifters,, cables and housing included, for clamping onto downtube. 13EURO

Sunrace Left friction, Right 8 speed index , fits to steel frames braze on. Available in 7 speed, and 6 speed also. Shimano compatible, 15 EURO

Shimano SIS Index shifters, for braze on, 6 speed index, can be used for friction gears also 5/6 7 speed freewheel. 12 EURO

Clamp on gear changers, for down tube / frame, 5 or 6 speed freewheel compatible, cables included, 12 EURO



Chains, Cassettes and Freewheels


KMC chain, 6 speed , suitable for bikes with 5/6/7 speed cassette or freewheel on the back wheel. 10euro

KMC chain 7 speed with hyperlink 10euro

KMC Z410 chain for single speed, NEW, red blue green pink and purple. 1/2" x 1/8" connecting link included. Ideal for fixie/single speed/ BMX 12 EURO

KMC chain for 9 speed cassette, 1/2" x 11/128", 116 links, NEW, master link included for easy install and uninstall, mudshedding design, stretchproof treatment. 18 EURO


KMC Z72 8/7/6 SPEED CHAIN, 12euro

KMC Z50 chain for 7 speed cassette, narrow, 1/2" x 3/32", 116 links with suitable for road or MTB, NEW, compatible with Campagnolo Sram Shimano and all up to 7 speed cassettes , index or freewheel, 10 EURO

KMC Z33 chain for up to 6 speed cassette, 1/2" x 3/32", 116 links, suitable for road or MTB, NEW, compatible with Campagnolo Sram Shimano and all older style 5 or 6 speed cassettes, index or freewheel. 10 EURO

KMC chain for single speed, NEW, 10 EURO


Shimano 7 speed HG41 11-28, 20 EURO

Shimano 8 speed HG41 11-32, 25EURO

Taiwanese 8 speed racing cassette, Shimano freehub compatible , 12-21, 25euro

Taiwanese 9 speed racing casette, Shimano Freehub compatible, 11-21, 30euro

11 Speed cassette, 30 EURO

Shimano Ultegra, 11 speed cassette, 40 EURO

Sunrace 7 speed Freewheel for friction gear changer, 13-25T, 15 EURO

Sunrace 6 speed freewheel, for mountain bikes hybrids and racers. compatible with Shimano. 14-24T Fits on to a threaded hub. 14Euro

Sunrace 5 speed freewheel, threaded, ideal replacement for 5 speed Shimano or other, on old style racers, 14-24T. 14 euro

Sunrace 7 speed Cassette Sprocket, Shimano compatible, 13-28T 16 EURO

Shimano 7 speed freewheel, for mountain bikes hybrids and racers. Fits on to a threaded hub.  14Euro

Shimano 6 speed freewheel, for mountain bikes, hybrids and racers. Fits on to a threaded hub 14euro

M Wave cogs and spacers for single speed conversion of a Shimano Freehub, 14T, 16T and 18T with 2 spacers 13.25 and 20.25mm width. Shimano compatible. For conversion from SHIMANO 8/9/10 speed cassette hubs to single speed. 14EURO

Shimano Hyperglide 9 speed sprocket, NEW, suitable for Mountain bike or hybrid. lockring included, 11-32 tooth, 24 EURO

Shimano Hyperglide 8 speed sprocket, NEW, suitable for Mountain bike or hybrid, 11-32 tooth,  lockring included, 20 EURO

Sunrace 9 speed sprocket, 20 EURO NEW

Zoogie 8 speed threaded cassette, 13-28 tooth, 16 EURO



Shimano 6 speed cassette, for shimano UNIGLIDE freehub (not HYPERGLIDE) NEW, 13-24 tooth,  21 EURO

Pheasant freewheel, 18 tooth, for BMX or other single speed (eg converting a regular bike to a single speed), also available in 16 tooth. 12 EURO

For single speed bikes - old style coaster brake type (not a freewheel), 15T, 16T, 18T, 19T, 20T, 22T, 24t, 6 EURO each

locking parts for above 2 EURO each